Same Sex Marriage

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Same Sex Marriage

Do some preliminary research about same sex marriage (very current), and write a short paper about it in the context of American Government and Politics. Please include the following in the format provided:
I. Background/History of the issue (keep this as short as possible)
II. Connection to politics and government (what are some of the concepts we’ve learned about in class that your issue implicates?)
a. Are any of the branches of government involved and if so, how?
i. Executive or presidential action?
ii. Legislative bills?
iii. Supreme court case?
b. Are there capitalism/democracy/inequality issues?
c. Anything else you can connect to the course, text, films, lectures?
III. Interest groups/political parties on either side of issue, what are the arguments pro and con?
IV. Update of the issue currently – where are things currently with the issue and where do you project things will head?
1) Research on web and library database sources
a. You must have at least 6 (six) articles cited in a proper format (APA, MLA or APSA)
b. Wikipedia and source websites (like whitehouse.gov) although you can cite them, will not be counted toward your six article requirement.
c. Include a works cited section and provide in-text citations
2) Develop understanding and fluency in the issues you are studying
3) Understand course topics so you can connect your issues to the concepts in an analytical, critical way.
4) It is okay to use “I” in your paper and take a position and defend it.
5) Write a well-written, polished paper that is largely devoid of errors and exhibits good organization
You will be graded on:

1) Choosing a current topic that relates to politics and government
2) Making connections between what you are learning in the course (class, text, etc) to your topic
3) Following directions and format
4) Whether you minimize grammatical and spelling errors.
5) The depth of the research you have conducted.
6) Overall organization of paper, and whether you have a clear thesis and proper support for your points
7) Your writing demonstrates to me that you have critically thought about and analyzed the issues and that you show that you understand the concepts of the course and issue well.
8) How well you utilized outside sources and cited properly.


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