PS 301 Park University Cause and Develop Violence and Aggression Research Paper

PS 301 Park University Cause and Develop Violence and Aggression Research Paper

PS 301 Park University Cause and Develop Violence and Aggression Research Paper


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By now, you will have identified a topic relevant to social psychology, formulated a research question, and completed 6 written summaries of peer-reviewed studies on your topic. In this unit, you will bring all this information together to complete a literature review to address your target question.

The purpose of a literature review is to express to your reader the knowledge and ideas that have been established on a topic. Your literature review should describe the strengths and weaknesses in the literature on the topic you have chosen. The literature review must be defined by a guiding concept (e.g., your research question). The literature review is NOT just a descriptive list of the material available, or a regurgitation of the summaries written in your research so far.

A literature review must do these things:

  • Be organized around and related directly to your research question
  • Synthesize and organize results
  • Identify trends or findings
  • Identify areas of disagreement
  • Formulate questions that need further research

Remember a literature review is:

  • NOT simply a listing of the article summaries

You need to use your summaries to identify themes. Then, use these themes to organize a cohesive paper.

View the following websites for more detailed information on writing literature reviews:

Before you begin

You may want to familiarized yourself with the example paper provide.


Your information must be organized, presented, and referenced using APA style. For information on APA style, see the following links:

Of particular interest, you will want to visit

Landmarks Citation Machine

(Links to an external site.)

which is an automated site to help you convert your resources into correct APA citation and reference format.

Writing Your Paper

Now it is time to write your literature review utilizes a minimum of 6 empirical,


, research journal studies as the basis for the literature review. The Paper must be written in APA style.

You can use the following outline a starting point for your literature review:

  • Title Page

  • Abstract page

  • Body of paper

    (10 full pages)
  • Introduce your research question

    • start off by presenting your research question
    • address why you chose the topic or why you find it interesting
    • state the specific lines of research you will be discussing
  • Describe each study (or each line of research, depending on what makes sense), then compare them.
  • Compare studies. Determine which aspects of the studies are relevant. Point out strengths and weaknesses in the studies. Compare:

    • multicultural implications, findings, relevance and/or significance
    • research assumptions
    • research theories tested
    • hypotheses stated
    • research designs used
    • variables selected (independent and dependent)
    • results obtained
    • interpretation of results
    • speculations about future studies
  • Evaluate the work done in the area you are researching based on your comparisons and state:

    • strengths – supported with evidence
    • weaknesses – supported with evidence
    • what requires futher study
  • Summarize your findings

    • summarize what is known and not known
    • synthesize and summarize the findings of the studies and indicate how they answer your research question
    • make recommendations suggest future studies
    • specify how studies would contribute to the work already done
  • References


    – Follow APA guidelines