Media effects – The questions are designed to get you to use your personal experience in thinking about how the media affect our identity on different levels individual,

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Media effects

Project description

Instructions : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-VTjBXMk1umRGdxUXVMcmNXcm8/view?usp=sharing

Sample essay : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-VTjBXMk1umdzFReFB3RU9SRHc/view?usp=sharing

Required Readings : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9e52o03loi5mo1m/AADmxnqbDPNv3g5uB2iz6XoJa?dl=0

Write a paper of 750 words minimum using ONE of the topic questions below. The questions are designed to get you to use your personal experience in thinking about how the media affect our identity on different levels individual, familial, and social. To complete this assignment successfully you need to present a thoughtful reading of some media text, showing an awareness of it as a medium, and present your personal experience in a way that others can relate to and learn from.

1. In John Freyers All My Life for Sale (79-91), his decision to use the World Wide Web in order to downsize his lifestyle turns into an unexpected journey of self-reflection and reassessment. What about you? If you were to take inventory of some of your junk, what are the items you might have a hard time parting with and why? What price would you put on these items and who would your prospective buyers be? Typically, we are taught that we should own our possessions and not be owned by them. But Freyers experience seems to suggest a different attitude. Do you agree, why or why not?

2. Pick an old family photograph of someone in your family (or an old family friend) that speaks to you about who that person is and/or was. Who is this person and why is he or she significant to you? Considering Janet Malcolms essay on Sally Manns work (130-137), reflect on how the medium of photography in general and the picture in particular help to reveal what you wouldnt have otherwise seen.

3. After reading Joe Morgensterns discussion of scene 16 from the movie Little Miss Sunshine (226-228), think about a scene from a movie that has affected you and that, as Morgenstern terms it, says everything for you. While you need to reveal something about who you are in this assignment and what you have learned by watching the scene you discuss, you also need to describe, analyze and explain, as Morgenstern does, how the scene works both as a scene on its own and as a part of the movie.

Technical Requirements:

1.Double spaced

2.750 words minimum

3.A title that reflects your thesis

4.All the conventional grammar requirements will be enforced: sentence construction, punctuation, proper use of quotation marks, etc.

5.Effective paragraphing and organization

6. Use of (at least one) metaphors

Content Requirements:

1.A thesis which is supported by the essay as a whole

2.Clear illustration of the thesis, the writers response, and the response of others

3.An insightful analysis of you and your relationship to the mediaone that would provoke a reader to reflect on his or her own relationship to the


4.Incorporate the source essay into your paper through quoting and/or paraphrase using the MLA method of parenthetical citation

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