Human Resources Management

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Human Resources Management

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The essay must demonstrate your appreciation and understanding of key theoretical, practical and ethical concerns addressed within the module, focusing on three topics from the following list:

1. Leadership and followership

2. Motivation and engagement

3. Power and politics

4. Organizational culture

5. The business impact of HR practices

There should be three main sections of the essay each focusing on one of these topics, analysing how your own professional experience relates to the concepts, principles and theory of the topic covered in the module and in your own further reading. Students on the MBA course can include discussion of both their professional experience and their experience of the teamwork during the module while preparing for the presentations (particularly relevant to the first three topics above). Each section of the assignment must conclude with an account of your learning from your analysis for your professional development/future career.

Formatting and submission

o 12 pt. Arial font.

o Double line spacing.

o Margins: 3 cm.

o Harvard style referencing must be used throughout (see Appendix A).

o Maximum length: 3000 words, excluding your list of references.

Assessment criteria

In each of the three sections:

1. Clear and insightful analysis of how your own professional experience is illuminated by concepts, principles and theory of the topic.

2. Evidence of depth of reading and a thoughtful approach to the literature.

3. Cogent account of your learning – for your own professional development and future career ambitions – from this analysis.


o If I’m referring to my own experience, should I say “I” or write my name or “the author”?

Definitely “I” (and “my” etc).

o Should we begin by explaining theory, for example theories about motivation or leadership?

No, this would be an unnecessary use of your word count. Assume that the reader has some familiarity with theory, and instead bring in theory – and demonstrate your knowledge of relevant literature – as it relates to your own experience.

o Should we include appendices?

No, please do not include appendices.

o Should the essay as a whole have an introduction and conclusion?

Just a brief introduction in which you describe your role(s) and organization(s) – sufficient that the essay can be easily understood. Use your accounts of your own learning as a ‘conclusion’ to each section, rather than having an overall conclusion.

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