FS University Social Issues & Ethical Dilemma Nicoles Experiences Case Study

FS University Social Issues & Ethical Dilemma Nicoles Experiences Case Study

FS University Social Issues & Ethical Dilemma Nicoles Experiences Case Study


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Social Issues and Ethical Dilemma paper

  • You will need BOTH the NASW Code of Ethics AND the case information to complete this assignment.
  • Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) to be demonstrated in paper:

    • Identify as a professional social worker.
    • Recognize and manage personal values in a way that allows professional values to guide social work practice.
    • Apply the Code of Ethics (NASW, 1999) to client situations.
    • Apply Florida Statute to client situations.

As a Group:

  • Each group will be assigned a case study.
  • Read the case CAREFULLY.
  • Then, go to the NASW Code of Ethics. Locate five principles in the Code of Ethics, and provide a short summary of each.
  • Explain


    each of these principles is exemplified in the case that you chose.
  • Identify any perceived conflicts between one or more of the principles identified in #3. Explain how this conflict is exemplified in the case.
  • Rank order the principles in terms of their relevance to the case. Which NASW principles have the most ethical relevance to this case?
  • Identify any state laws that should be considered. Utilize the State of Florida for any statutory references. Explain how these laws are relevant to the case.

On your own:

  • Identify relevant personal values and explain


    these values influence your thinking about the case.
  • Identify and discuss any potential conflict or discrepancy between your personal values and the professional principles identified in #3. Or, explain how your personal values are in accordance with one or more of the principles in #3.
  • Review what you did in #6 (rank order). How does the consideration of personal values affect – or not – your ranking of professional principles? Have you considered how you will “recognize and manage personal values in a way that allows professional values to guide social work practice”?
  • Based on your ranking of principles and values, identify a plan of action. In other words, what are the next steps would you recommend for the social worker in each case?


Each person in the group must submit a paper individually which must include all items listed above. The paper should be in APA format. The paper has no page or word number requirement.

Case 5

Nicole is freshman in college. She grew up with both parents in a small and active community in Brunswick, Georgia. For college, Nicole decided to attend a University in Florida. When Nicole arrived to college, she began engaging in various social activities. At many of the social engagements there was alcohol present. It was at one of these social gatherings where Nicole began drinking. Over the course of her first semester, Nicole’s drinking became excessive. She began drinking daily, often blacking out from her alcohol usage. One night after a sorority party, Nicole was found by campus police passed outside by a set of dumpsters. After being given emergency medical treatment, Nicole was brought before the campus disciplinary board. Instead of being expelled, Nicole was placed on a disciplinary plan which required her to attended substance abuse counseling. Nicole consented to the substance abuse counseling with the understanding the counselor would have to report her progress to the university in order to remain enrolled in her program. At Nicole’s 5th session, she revealed to the counselor that she remembers two men assaulting her the night she was found by campus police. She indicates she knows the names of the two individuals but did not want to report them to the police as she blamed herself for being so intoxicated. Nicole admits to the counselor she has been drinking and using other illegal substances to help cope with the emotions she has been feeling related to the event. Her use of substances is a direct violation of her disciplinary plan.