To what extent is the Holocaust a unique event in history

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To what extent is the Holocaust a unique event in history

Select one (1) of the questions below:

Question One:
To what extent did domestic and worldwide conditions influence Germany after World War I and contribute to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party?

Question Two:
How did Hitler re-establish and use feelings of nationalism, especially after the humiliation Germany suffered after World War I, to his advantage?

Question Three:
To what extent did the public works programs assist Hitler in maintaining support for his cause?

Question Four:
To what extent were young groups, such as The White Rose and The Edelweiss Pirates, effective in resisting Hitler’s rule? Consider the origins, objectives and tactics of these groups.

Question Five:
How did the role and function of the SS guarantee the security of the Nazi regime?

Question Six:
To what extent were the actions of Hitler Youth similar to the racist groups that exist today? Consider Hitler’s recruitment of youth, in particular young males from lower middle class and the role of Hitler Youth in German society.

Question Seven:
To what extent was propaganda used by the Nazi Party to gain and maintain support of Hitler?

Question Eight:
To what extent is the Holocaust a unique event in history? Consider the ways you might compare events.

Question Nine:
To what extent were Oscar Schindler’s actions in protecting Jews genuine?

You may choose one (1) of the following formats to support your seminar presentation. The purpose of a multi modal presentation is to include visual aids such as maps, artefacts, primary sources, quotes, pictures, voice overs, sound files and You Tube clips (no longer than 1 minute). Your presentation must be interpretive and interactive and must include selected evidence. It must not be a summary of your script.

• Power Point – this should be 8 to 10 slides and uploaded to Terramoodle on the Year 10 History 2014 page. However, to upload it must be under 15 megabytes, pictures compressed and no You Tube links.

• Power Point with You Tube – this should also be 8 to 10 slides and may include You Tube clips and sound files that have been downloaded in MP4 format. The Power Point will need to be uploaded to your teacher’s laptop using a USB stick.

• Mini-Documentary (please check with your teacher regarding this format) – you may wish to record your dialogue and visuals in this format using imovie or Movie Maker. Voice overs, sound files, You Tube clips and visuals should be included. However, speaking time must still be 6-8 minutes. This format must be converted to MP4 format and will need to be uploaded to your teacher’s laptop using a USB stick.


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