Our topic is Promoting Immunizations for Babies per CDC recommendations.

Our topic is Promoting Immunizations for Babies per CDC recommendations.


The group paper will provide an analysis and evaluation of a population-based/focused health issue impacting community health and the role of the community health nurse in addressing the issue. The health issue can be selected from a variety of sources media reports, textbook, or other areas of interest and must be approved by the professor. The group paper should be approximately 10 pages in length, excluding title and reference page. Late penalty applies.

Note: You will be working in assigned groups on this project. (see BB for group assignment)



1. Professor must approve the health issue. Each group will identify 3 possible topics (see course calendar for date) and email professor through BB for approval. The topic will be used throughout the course and only one group will be allowed per topic.

2. In addition to reading scholarly literature about the issue/topic the group may also interview individuals affected by the issue and talk with legislators and others as relevant.

3. Address the following criteria in the paper. Remember to label all sections of the paper using the below criteria following APA level headings format.
a. Description of topic
i. Succinctly describe the health issue and the impact on community health
ii. Identify risk factors for the health issue
b. Characteristics of population affected (as applicable)
i. Define the overall prevalence/scope of the health issue in the United States and then specify focus of the group paper (specific county, region (western North Carolina), state, etc).
ii. Morbidity and mortality data
iii. Age and gender distribution
iv. Ethnicity, culture factors
c. Impact on Health status (as applicable)
i. Physical
ii. Psychosocial
iii. Quality of life
iv. Resources currently (already) available to the population (primary, secondary, tertiary)
d. Nursing Educational Intervention – describe an original (developed by group) nursing educational intervention (population-focused and evidence-based – using references to support) that would be helpful to avoid, decrease and/or positively impact the health issue
i. Identify target population and how this population is used to learning new information
ii. Identify the literacy level to be used for education project (include rationale) and age, gender, cultural considerations as applicable
iii. Educational goal and brief description of education intervention
iv. Identify education format to be used including rationale for format selection (note: the format selected must be up-loadable to BB – see Part 2.


Note: During Part 2 you will develop the actual educational intervention

Course Level Masters
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Other
Number of Pages 9 (2475 words)
Sources 6
Paper Format APA
Spacing Double Spaced




Promotion of Immunization for Babies
Authors’ names


Promotion of immunization for babies

–What is immunization?

  • It is administration of mild [blur] and weakened form of disease causing bacteria and viruses [/blur]
  • It saves millions of live [blur] through prevention of contracting of vaccination preventable diseases [/blur]
  • It is important [blur]in promotion of overall public health[/blur]

Immunizable diseases

About 14 diseases are immunizable

  • Polio
  • [blur]Measles[/blur]
  • Smallpox
  • [blur]Diphtheria[/blur]
  • [blur]Tetanus [/blur]
  • [blur]Mumps[/blur]
  • [blur]Hemophilia[/blur]
  • Rubella
  • [blur]Varicella [/blur]
  • whooping cough
  • [blur]Hepatitis b[/blur]

Some common misconceptions about vaccination

–Vaccination causes[blur] side effects on children [/blur]

–Children become sick [blur] after multiple immunizations[/blur]

–Vaccination is[blur] expensive[/blur]

–Vaccination is for [blur] children above the age of 2[/blur]


Which children should be immunized

–Children should start [blur] immunization dosages immediately after birth[/blur]

–School going childrens [blur]should be immunized according to CDC guidelines and requirements[/blur]

Ways of improving immunization in the community

  • Parents should take their children[blur] for immunization right after birth [/blur]
  • Parents should not abandon [blur] immunization half way [/blur]
  • Providers (clinicians) should keep a [blur]record of immunization schedules[/blur]
  • Providers should discuss immunization [blur] with parents[/blur]
  • Providers should do a follow-up of the infants to [blur] ensure complete dosage [/blur]

Recent facts about disease outbreaks

  • Between 2000 and 2014, 277 people [blur] died of whooping cough[/blur]
  • 241 of the deaths occurred in infants below[blur] age of 3 months[/blur]
  • 28,000 people were diagnosed with whooping [blur]cough in the year 2013 alone[/blur]
  • Only 1% of parents don’t vaccinate their [blur]children. Don’t be among the 1%[/blur]


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