Professional Synthesis Paper

Professional Synthesis Paper

RN to BSN Program
Nsg 473 Nursing Research III: Clinical Application

Professional Synthesis Project

This paper is a synthesis of your study of the nursing research process and evidence-based practice. You may remember that a synthesis is the ability to combine elements to form a unique new idea, procedure, or object (McDonald, 2007). It will demonstrate your mastery of the content and your ability to apply the content to your professional practice.

Please read the accompanying research study by Eizenberg (2010) making special note of the following findings quoted from the article (p. 40):

  • The self-reported professional behavior of nurses with a degree was more evidence-based than that of those without a degree.
  • Evidence-based nursing practice was more likely where there was access to a rich library with nursing and medical journals, and opportunities for working with a computer and for searching the Internet in the workplace.
  • The variables predicting evidence-based nursing practice were education, skills in locating various research sources, support of the organization for searching and reading professional literature, knowledge sources based on colleagues and system procedures (inhibiting variable), knowledge sources based on reading professional literature and knowledge sources based on experience or intuition.
    Next, answer the following questions about the article and the quotations as they relate to your RN to BSN education and professional nursing practice:
  1. Has your BSN education adequately prepared you for evidence-based practice? Why or why not?
  2. Does your present professional environment give you access to the resources identified in the second bullet point above? If not, is a change in the environment possible? How might you encourage such a change?
  3. Discuss at least two examples from your current professional practice that illustrate a change in your professional thinking, behavior or both. These might be related to your delivery of patient care or your leadership of others who deliver patient care.
  4. List goals for your future professional development as it relates to nursing research and EBP. How do you see yourself using your new knowledge?

Paper Guidelines:

  • Please limit your discussion to 1000 words. You may include additional sources as long as they are pertinent and cited correctly.
  • Write your answers as a formal paper with correct grammar, spelling, APA formatting and style including a title or cover page. You may answer the questions in order, numbering them, but please write brief introductory and concluding paragraphs.
  • This paper will count as 25% of your grade in Nsg 473.
  • Find the due date for this paper on the Blackboard course calendar.

Article attached:
Eizenberg, M. (2010). Implementation of evidence-based nursing practice: nurses’ personal and
professional factors? Journal of Advanced Nursing, 67(1), 33–42. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-


Course Level College
Subject Area Nursing
Paper Type  Other
Number of Pages 4 (1100 words)
Sources 2
Paper Format APA
Spacing Double Spaced



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