Dallas College Social Responsibility The Role Humans Play Essay

Dallas College Social Responsibility The Role Humans Play Essay

Dallas College Social Responsibility The Role Humans Play Essay


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Social Responsibility Essay

– 3 pages long

– In this essay, you will examine: the role humans play; issues of fairness; and possible solutions to social stratification and inequality as they relate to any topic of their interest (e.g.; stratification and inequality within family, gender, deviance, crime, gender, race & ethnicity, etc.).

-Do NOT include any of the following: any MLA or other format header; a separate title page; a works cited page.

– What role do people play – through their actions and inactions – in generating and maintaining systems of stratification and inequality in society (concept from rubric: citizenship)?

– What issues of fairness are raised by stratification and inequality with respect to the student’s selected topic (concept from rubric: social justice)?

– How might it be possible to overcome inequality in the selected topic (concept from rubric: ecology). Students should use at least two theories from Chapter 18’s discussion on social movements and social change (using one micro level theory and one macro level theory).

  • Citizenship

    : Demonstrates orally, in writing, and/or through projects and an understanding of the citizen’s proactive role in society, such as participating in the democratic process and contributing to one’s community AND/OR demonstrates orally, in writing, and/or through activities a clear inclination to participate in the democratic process and contribute to the community.

  • – Social Justice

    : Demonstrates orally, in writing and/or projects the ability to evaluate the issues of fairness, prejudice, discrimination, and ethical behaviors on the basis of critical thinking and the use of data and scientific information AND/OR demonstrates through projects and interactions in class and in the field the treatment of others in a fair, non-discriminatory manner while demonstrating respect and value for cultural diversity and differences.

– Ecology

: Demonstrates orally and/or in writing clear understanding of the larger ecological issues related to the interaction or people, environment, science and technology. Understands how actions of individuals, businesses, governments, etc., impact that balance AND/OR participates in projects or activities that demonstrate appreciation and caring for the environment.- Below is a copy of the Media Bias chart. Use it to find acceptable article sources for your weekly article analyses. In order to earn ANY credit for these assignments, acceptable sources MUST meet BOTH of the following requirement:

1. Only sources inside the top green box

that are also within the minimal partisan bias column

are allowed.

These are: AP, Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg, NPR, PBS, BBC, Al Jazeera, NBC (News), ABC (News), CBS (News), USA Today, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal, your local newspapers.

2. Your article must have been published

within the last 15 days

. No analyses using articles older than this will be eligible to earn ANY credit.

Below is a video link that provides an overview of what the Media Bias Chart is, where it came from, its current methodology, and what researchers will be doing to continue to assess the most reliable media outlets in the future.

Intro to The Media Bias Chart