Critical evaluation of a business case – Mcdullala

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Critical evaluation of a business case – Mcdullala

FCS 535 Research critics and discussion in forum

For assignment 2, read all 3 attached articles and post your writing on ONE article. You are still responsible to discuss with your class mates on other three articles. Rules and regulations are available on assignment submission site below.

You can start post your forum from October 19  and I will close the forum for grading on October 24, Friday midnight. Later submission will not be considered for grading.

I. Please read the attached article carefully and answer the following questions then submit it on forum for sharing in the online class. Your response should be critical of the issues raised in the paper and do the following:

Identify the critical issues discussed in the paper. In other words, what is the research goal and objectives? As you see, most of those manuscript identify the research purpose, methods, finds, etc. in the beginning of the paper as abstract format. Just copying and paste those information will not counts as your work. You have to read the whole paper and rephrase the answer by your words.
Respond to these issues critically by stating your position.
Support your position by providing three reasons (evidence or beliefs).You must provide references of your arguments.
Analyze the research methods by identifying independent variables, dependent variables and measurements.
Your response should be around 1000 words in length. The response assignment should be typed in the forum discussion.

II. After submit the research critics by due date,

Participate the class forum discussion for other members’ posting. Here are the rules and regulations.

Online Discussion Forum Guidelines and Rubric

You will be asked to post to the discussion board so you can share your insights, reflections and have a deeper understanding and connection with your classmates. You will also be required to respond to posts made by your classmates. Please read the directions carefully and follow the prompts.

Community Standards and “Netiquette”

Your posts are not formal essays, but neither are they private conversations. You will not be held accountable for the formal standards of academic writing, but you will be expected to write as clearly as you can. Remember, you are a journalist and you have training in writing and communication. Crafting your posts in a word processing program and then cutting and pasting your messages into the discussion board is a good idea. This forces you to slow down and also gives you the chance to edit for typos and other minor writing errors. AND it ensures that you have a copy of your discussion posting on your computer.

You are also required to adhere to the norms of online courtesy and collegiality, summed up generally as “netiquette” http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html. Consistent inappropriate posting by any student will be treated similarly to consistent inappropriate classroom behavior, and may result in that student’s being barred from further online discussion in the class, with a resulting loss of the participation grade for the course. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.


Participation in the discussion boards is required. I may not respond to all threaded discussions but I do read the posts, and moderate the discussions if necessary. Discussions will have deadlines, and late posts will not be accepted. All your posts will be read and evaluated with special attention to several areas:

Frequency of posting
Appropriate length
Temporal placement (i.e., do your posts all come in the last 20 minutes before 
the deadline of the discussion, or is there evidence of sustained engagement 
over time?)
Relevance to topic
Evidence of thought/reflection
Evidence of critical thinking and original ideas
Collegiality — adherence to the norms of courtesy appropriate in academic 
(but informal) discussion
I will be using the following rubric to assess your performance in our online discussions.

Online Discussion Rubric




The student contributed consistently. Temporal placement suggests sustained engagement with the discussion.


The student’s level of participation was acceptable/average value. Some initial  posts do not occur in time for others to read and respond.


The student hardly contributed or the student’s posts all came in the final few minutes before the deadline for ending a particular discussion. Student rarely responded to other learners (when appropriate).


The student did not contribute at all.




The student showed initiative, interpreted, synthesized, integrated various threads, backed up opinions with concrete examples and references to course materials,


The student contributed more than just facts, and responded to the implications of other students’ ideas.


The student’s contribution was unacceptable and did not meet expectations. Posts were cursory rather than substantive. Posts show significant gaps in understanding of question or prompt. Content may be inappropriate.


The student displayed a lack of preparation/insight.


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